Massage & Body Treatments

There is something about a massage that takes you to another world... From Hot Stone massages to Relaxation massages - build it in to other treatments to make it more relaxing. For example, a Botanic Natural Facial and Hot Stone massage at the same time will send your senses and mind into tranquilty.

Hot Stone Massage 60 min — $120

Utilizing heated basalt stones specifically designed for theraputic hot stone massages with slow manipulation of the muscles, the massage pinpoints areas of discomfort casused by tight muscle tissues. This massage, combined with aromatic essential oils, release the chronic patterns of tension throughout the body.

Relaxation Massage
45 min — $65
60 min — $80

Relax with this customized theraputic treatement utilizing a blend of essential aromatherapy oils. This massage incorporates a variety of traditional techniques including long strokes and kneading which helps to increase circulation, improve muscle tone and soothe tired muscles.