Summer Nail Colours & Trends

Meet me at the Beach, it’s time to Party!

Welcome back sunshine and warm weather! If you’re not showing off your toe this summer whether it be in sandals or barefoot at the beach, then it's time we change that! What better way to show off your fresh pedicure than this time of year. Bright colours are always our Fav, 😘 but this year nail colour trends are ramping up to be something special.

Starting with Chromes! Chrome nails are on fire with the shades of silver white and gold. Perfect pairing for the classy lady wearing Prada or Gucci for the dressed up dinner date or celebration that will make any red carpet melt. This look is stunning, beautiful and sexy all at the same time. ❤️

Morgan Taylor’s nail polish line has a new Summer collection called “UP IN THE AIR”. This line is inspired by living a life filled with colours that is expressive, carefree, and as fun as you are. Get ready to leave your worries behind and experience the excitement of taking flight this summer! If you’re looking for a soft and subtle nail look this summer be sure to try out these shades. No matter what color you choose, you are sure to be reaching new heights all summer long. Soft Purple (got carried away,) baby blue (soaring above it all), matcha green (flying out loud), swimsuit pink (got some altitude;) and two neutrals are perfect for all occasions (don’t bring me down & up, up and amaze!) New Summer nail colours are available in shellac polish, dip and regular nail polish.

Spice it up with some beautiful nail art or multi coloured tips to make your Summer nails fun. And if you’re thinking about Prom season, we’ve got the perfect colours for you that will match your whole attire. Nothing finishes off a fancy’ fit' like, a set of fabulous nails. Get ready for prom season with these on-trend, yet age-appropriate nail looks. Many young girls are inspired by the ultra-long nails worn by celebrities (the Kardashians, specifically, come to mind), but this can be too much for 16 and 17-year-olds and can take away from the rest of their look. Instead, they can have their nails at a complimenting length. This doesn’t necessarily mean short, although a set of manicured natural nails is quite beautiful; they can still achieve their favourite nail shapes, like almond or coffin, with only a slightly elongated length. It’s also a good idea to remind your younger girls to opt for more subtle nail designs. Prom dresses are notably loud and sparkly, taking all the attention, and you don’t want your nails to compete with that, right? Rather, use the nail design to complement the other elements, like the dress, shoes, bag and jewellery.

New arrivals at Glow Day Spa include the new Flash Glam Nail colours. The 6 new nail colours are flash activated brilliant glitter. It is new camera ready technology with 2-in-1 glitters that sparkle along or are next level camera ready in front of a flash – a mani-selfie in a bottle, and WE LOVE IT! ❤️ Wear alone or pair with your other favourite shades for next level nail art!

As the weather gets hot & sunny, women are looking for bright and fun undertones. As well as happy, uplifting colours. Whether your Summer vacay plans involve swimming at the beach, road tripping with family; you can be sure that your nails will embarrass the summer fun vibes. Never be shy with sparkles this Summer! Nothing beats the way glitter sparkles in the sun and you can even pair with some French tips for the ultimate glam by the pool (and don't forget your matching sunglasses!) 

Glowing Green is also going to be a big colour this Summer!

Hailey Beiber just shared her glowing green Mani and if history repeats itself, it’s gonna rock the nail game! Bright, neon greens and chartreuse shades will be replacing neon pink summer manis this year. Bieber’s transformation is emblematic of this year’s Coachella vibe: messy, chaotic, fun, and—for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic—relevant. While trending greens are bright, neon, and citrus-inspired, yellow’s doing the opposite: Celebrities like Selena Gomez are putting a more creamy and buttery shade of yellow on the map for summer 2024.

We can’t wait to see all our Glow girls rocking their new fav nail colours this Summer 2024. Please remember to take a photo and send to us in socials @glowbarrie we would love to tag you in our stories. 😍