Bonded Hair Extensions Waiver Form

After Care Instructions

Thank you for choosing Glow Day Spa for your Bonded Hair Extensions application. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to follow these instructions carefully! Colour retention and proper healing can depend on your (7-day) home care regimen. For best results we recommend the following steps:


> Apply as little heat as possible to your hair. For this reason try to air dry your hair.

> Wash and Condition your hair less. The less you wash – the slower your hair will get greasy. Your scalp adjusts how much oil it’s producing over time so the results aren’t instantaneous. When you are first starting out you might do a routine of Day 1 straight hair, Day 2 – curly hair, Day 3 -messy bun.


> Use a UNITE heat protector product / serum - recommended by Stylist for protecting the hair from heat from hot tools. When you do apply heat to the hair with a curling wand or flat iron etc. ALWAYS prep your hair with a dry oil hair protector. Ask your stylist for best hair product for your hair type. 

> The bonds will try to grab surrounding hairs and form dreads around the polymers that seal the extensions to your own hair. Multiples times a day try to run your fingers through the scalp and untangle the bonds from one another and surrounding hairs.

A follow-up should be scheduled in 4-5 weeks for review with stylist and no later than 6 weeks after initial the procedure.