Glow Day Spa was the first to introduce semi permanent Eyelash Extensions in Barrie and is still the best and most popular location for Eyelash Extensions in Central Ontario. Enhance your eyes like the Hollywood celebrities with this amazing eyelash treatment that lasts between 2 to 3 weeks. The Eyelash Extensions naturally curl your own lashes and thicken the width of each lash they are attached too, darkening the lash line and adding definition to the eyes. The need for mascara and an eyelash curler is eliminated and the best part is; it’s 100% water resistant! Lashes are individually placed along lid lashes allowing your lash to continue to grow and elongating your natural lashes. The glue is specifically designed to be good for both regular skin and sensitive skin customers. The application of the glue is painless, safe and bonds easily to the skin unlike other products that cause irritation and has a strong discomfort smell. This new formula-glue contains rubber so that it is more flexible and comfortable giving longer lasting results.

Lash Lift & Tint

Lash Lift & Tint | $110

A Lash Lift & Tint is great for all lashes, especially straight lashes. This service is essentially what your lashes would be doing using a really good mechanical curler, thus giving an upward and realistic curl. It's getting a Perm for your natural lashes! The ultimate result for instant volume and definition and lasts between 6 to 8 weeks. Lash Lift offers clients a natural looking alternative to eyelash extensions. During the service your natural lashes are lifted up, giving you a curved, younger sexy wide eye with results that stand out! This is a great treatment especially for clients who have lashes that grow straight or straight down lashes. All Lash technicians are licensed estheticians and have advanced lash training. Using only the highest quality products, this safe service is your ultimate answer for lifted, natural lashes.

Eyelash Extensions

Our Commitment & Guarantee to customer service and your satisfaction is unwavering. For this reason we will gaurantee our work for up to 7 days. Should you have a concern or complaint it must be addressed within the 7 day period otherwise the full charge will apply for the fix. Removal and New set. If you have any concerns regarding your lash service, please let us know.




Just the corners, please! Individual

eyelash extensions are placed on

the outer corners of your eyes.

Natural or Princess Lashes


Oh so natural, just a little added length

and volume with less curl. Mimicking the

natural shape of your lashes.

Baby Doll



Our most dramatic and glamorous look.

Lashes are super long across the lash line,

creating full, sexy lashes that stand out.

3D Volume



Our most exotic and captivating look. Lashes are super bold and extra long across the lash line, creating full volume, sexy, stand out lashes.


Senior Technician Upgrade

For Eyelash Extension Services performed by a Senior Technician- a $10 additional charge will be applied.


Eyelash Extensions pricing and descriptions. Introducing NEW 3D Volume Russian Lashes with Senior Technicians.

Lash Touch-ups | $50 & up

Get the best value and longevity out of your eyelash extensions by using our lashes touch-up service. As your natural lashes shed, the extensions that are also attached shed, and new lashes begin to grow. With our lash touch-ups or “fills”, new extensions are added to replace those that have shed to maintain a full natural look. Touch-ups can be done a maximum of 2 times and not longer than 18 days from application.

Eyelash Extensions Removal | $25

Eyelash extensions can be easily removed using our specially formulated adhesive gel remover that is gentle on the eyes and low stimulation. Now, lashes for a special event or vacation is made easy! Our technicians will have them back to normal in no time.

Collagen Pads Upgrade | $5

While getting Eyelash Extensions applied, give your eyes a little pick me up with Collagen pads. A hypoallergenic hydrating and intensifying elasticity eye sheet soaked with collagen and vitamins is applied under the eyes. Helps to tighten skin and brighten darkened areas around the eye. $5 with Eyelash Extension service.

Eyelash Extensions After Care Products




Noir Mascara (Black) is an oil-free, smudge-proof formula that contains Keratin — a substance which strengthens natural lashes and restores frail and brittle lashes to optimal condition. This is a must have for clients getting eyelash extensions for the first time. Prolongs eyelash extension life and encourages strong bonding.

Black Diamond Coating Sealant


Our favourite after care product for eyelash extensions is the Black Diamond coating sealant that helps prolong the life of new extension lashes by creating a seal around them. This lash extension sealant protects new lashes against sweat, dirt, water and environmental chemicals that may attack lash adhesive. This sealant not only gives the eyelash extensions a maximum bond but also gives them a seamless coating.

Advance Lash Growth Serum


MD Advanced is a scientifically advanced lash growth serum that promotes the rapid growth in natural lashes. Enriched with polypeptides and carnosine, this formula promotes rapid lash growth.

This product means that anyone can have long, shiny, voluminous natural lashes within one month. It also helps increase the number of healthy natural lashes for best long term results.

Black Pencil



This is a pencil type liner (pencil sharpener included) which has been formulated specifically for use with eyelash extensions. They glide on easily without smudging, fading or creasing.

Rich Black color creates a stunning sultry cat-eye look while having lash extensions. The products slim tip is easy to control. A perfect solution for clients with eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extensions FAQ's

Eyelash extensions have continued to be the hottest growing necessity in the beauty industry. We understand that adding a new beauty service to your routine requires research, so that you can know all of the ins and outs of this latest fashion must-have. To help with your research, we have answered the most frequently asked questions about getting semi-permanent eyelash extensions that we hear!

Do eyelash extensions hurt? 

Eyelash extensions should not hurt when applied correctly. They are applied with professional tools by isolating one lash, and adhering one extension to your natural lash for classic lashes or fans for volume lashes. Glow Day Spa offers an under eye collagen pad for an upgrade of $5 to prevent discomfort and aid in application. It is important to go to a trusted esthetician and lash technician who is certified through a reputable course as this will ensure that they are applying the correct weight and length of lashes to your natural lash. All Glow Day Spa lash technicians are certified and trained by master makeup artist Kimberly Crook, owner and founder of Glow Day Spa.

Do eyelash extensions look fake?

Eyelash extensions can be applied to look anyway that you desire. Most reputable lash artists will be able to give you your desired look or very similar. You can choose to have shorter natural lashes, large dramatic lashes, etc. Typically speaking, eyelash extensions don’t look fake unless that is the look that you are going for. Glow Day Spa has simplified the different styles to four options. Flirty, Natural, Princess, and Baby Doll. Custom looks can be discussed with your lash technician during consultation.

How long do eyelash extensions last? 

Most eyelash extension adhesives have a bond time of anywhere from 4-8 weeks. However, they will only last as long as your natural lash does. Like all hair on the human body, your eyelashes grow in stages. It is normal to lose 1-4 natural lashes per day which is why a fill is recommended every 2-3 weeks. To read more on the growth stages of eyelashes, see the diagram below.

Do eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

When applied correctly, eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lash. Certified lash artists will apply to only one natural lash, and will apply an extension that is the appropriate weight and length to ensure the integrity of your natural lash. Eyelash extensions can be damaging if your lash artist is not using proper techniques. Lashes that are too heavy, or clusters (pre-made fans) have a larger amount of adhesive and can cause your natural lash to break. 

Can I wear mascara with my eyelash extensions?

Yes you can! However, it is recommended to use an oil free mascara that is extension safe link our Noir Mascara by Blink. This will make it so your mascara does not interfere with the bond of the eyelash extension adhesive or cause early separation. For tips and tricks on choosing the correct eyelash extension safe mascara, ask one of our Lash Technicians at Glow Day Spa.

Can I wear eye make-up with my eyelash extensions?

You most definitely can wear make-up with your eyelash extensions. When selecting makeup, it is beneficial to go with extension safe make-up like Glo Skin Beauty which is available at Glow Day Spa. Extension safe makeup is oil free, usually contains sealers to prolong extension life and helps to work adjacent with your extensions for an optimal look. If you use regular make-up, it is recommended to use a daily cleanser with make-up remover that is safe for your lashes to remove residue at the end of the day. We recommend using the Lash Foam as part of your makeup removal process.

Eyelash Life Cycle & Growth

Eyelash Life Cycle and Growth phases