Glow Dry Bar offers a lightweight and easy solution for every stage of hair loss that adds volume or simply covers your roots. Add instant volume in seconds with no glue or damage. Lease and Buy options available.

Hair Extensions - Halo | $150 per day

($200 w/ Blowout) - Option for additional days @ $50 per day.

What better way to try out longer hair than with this Hair Extensions Lease option. Using Hidden Crown Hair extensions, we have the option to integrate a Halo-like Hair extension into your hair giving you the ultimate length for the big Blowout you've been dreaming of. If you like the Halo Hair Extensions - you also have the option to buy at the end of your lease and the amount will be deducted off your purchase price. Subject to cleaning fee. Must NOT be washed before return. Damage to Hair extensions will be charged for the full amount. Lease agreement and authorization required. Ask front desk for more details.

Pre-Bonded (nano) Extensions - Long | $300 and up

Nano tip extensions are the most discreet hair extensions on the market to date and our most popular method with the largest range of colour, length and thickness. The tiny Nano ring is thread onto the hair, then the Nano tip hair extensions are added and the ring is then firmly clamped closed for a secure and strong fit. If you are looking to add length and volume without the use of glue, heat or braids, Nano tip hair extensions are the perfect solution. Each Nano tip has an aluminium wire that fits into the Nano rings, the smallest ring available. With the choice of silicone lining for additional protection, the hair extensions are available in a wide range of shades to match perfectly to your hair. The Pre-Bonded Nano tip hair extensions are discrete, comfortable to wear and suitable for all hair types - even if you have fine hair. It's not surprising our Hair extensions are loved by so many!

Clip in Extensions | $15

With the option to purchase our Clip-in Extensions or you can bring your Favs. Additional charge by stylist based on how many extensions and length of time to apply. Extended time may be required.


Frequently Asked Questions about Nano (bonded) Hair Extensions:

What are Nano Hair Extensions?

- Nano hair extensions have a nano tip and a small nano bead that are gently attached to your natural hair. 

- Nano hair extensions are the SMALLEST type of hair extensions. 

How long do Nano Hair Extensions Last?

- Nano hair extensions that are cared for properly can last up to 1+ years.

- In order to keep nano extensions well kept maintenance appointments are recommended every 6-10 weeks after your first installation appointment. During your maintenance appointment we will retighten the extensions as your natural hair grows out.

Are Nano Extensions damaging to your hair?

- As long as nano extensions are installed properly by a trained professional, they are considered the least damaging method as they do not require any glue or heat to secure.

- Nano hair extensions are also a great way to add colour (blonde, fashion colour) to your hair without having to bleach your natural hair.

- Nano hair extensions are also very lightweight and are 0.8-1 grams per piece. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Tape-in Hair Extensions:

What are Tape In Extensions?

- Tape in Hair Extensions are thin tape wefts that are 1 inch wide that get "taped-in" between your hair like a "sandwich" bond.

-This method is 100% natural and requires no tools or chemicals and can last up to three months, if cared for properly. 

How long do Tape In Hair Extensions Last?

- Tape in Extensions can last up to 12 weeks with proper care.

- The hair itself can be used up to three times, maintenance appointments should be scheduled every 6 weeks to have the hair extensions retaped and reinstalled. 

Are Tape In Extensions damaging to your hair?

- As long as the Tape In Extensions are installed properly by a trained professional, they will not damage your hair. 

- It is 100% natural and there are no chemicals or tools used. 

Both Nano Hair Extensions and Tape In Extensions are great for thin/fragile hair types.

Other information:

- Consultation REQUIRED to confirm colour match, length and weight of extensions (nano or tape in extensions) and amount of hair bundles required. **Average full head of extensions is approximately 3-5 bundles**

- 25% deposit of services required at consultation to secure their installation appointment.

- All hair extension installations include a style and cut. 

- Extension Maintenance - $50.00 per bundle 

- Retape Tape In Hair Extensions - $35.00 

- Bring your own extensions (nano or tape in) - $55.00 per bundle 

- Extension Removal - $85 (includes a wash and blow dry).