Hidden Crown Hair Extensions Rental Agreement

After Care Instructions

Thank you for choosing Glow Day Spa for your Hidden Crown Halo Hair Extensions application. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to follow these instructions carefully! The condition of the hair extensions and return can depend on your home care regimen. For best results we recommend the following steps:


  • DO NOT WASH or use any hair products in halo hair extensions. I acknowledge that I am NOT responsible for washing the Hidden Crown halo hair extensions before returning to Glow Day Spa. It is included in the price of rental.
  • DO NOT wear the halo hair extensions in a smoke environment (nightclub, bonfire, cigarette, cigars etc.) - the halo hair extensions needs to be returned "smoke-free" or an additional cleaning fee will apply and deducted from authorization.
  • While using the halo hair extensions: do not take a shower (getting hair wet); avoid any saunas or jacuzzis; avoid tanning beds which may change the colour of the hair.
  • DO NOT alter the hair extensions colour, length (cutting) and wiring of halo on the Hidden Crown Halo hair extensions.