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Phytomer – Paris

Today PHYTOMER is one of the few cosmetic companies in the world to master marine biotechnology to produce completely new and natural ingredients using high-tech and environmentally friendly methods. Phytomer stands out in particular with a new generation of natural, high-performance and eco-friendly marine ingredients: Marine ExoPolySaccharides (EPS), unique and inimitable natural sugars with revolutionary cosmetic applications.

Phytomer Facials

Acnipur Facial
$90  (65min)

Blemish Solution Treatment. It combines two specific highly effective products for perfect extraction. The first is an exfoliator that cleanses the pores in-depth and facilitates the extraction of comedones. The second is a serum that is applied after the extraction of comedones to soothe and calm the skin.  It also provides a long-lasting matte effect.

Marine Breeze Facial
$105 (75min)

Pollution Shield Treatment. This relaxing treatment is ideal for combination, oily or clogged skin and is designed to oxygenate and purify. It notably brings together two specific marine masks with strong deep-cleansing and clarifying properties. The first of these ensures an excellent dilation of pores to promote the elimination of impurities. The second mask acts on absorbing excess sebum and contains ingredients which promote cellular respiration and remineralization.

Extended Youth Facial
$125 (75min)

Wrinkle Correction Firming Treatment. At the high-end of scientific expertise and excellence in facial care this treatment is done in three phases. Firstly it resurfaces the skin using a new generation exfoliant. Then it corrects wrinkles using a specifically formulated massage wax. Finally it restructures facial skin by combining the use of specifically concentrated ingredients with a high-tech smoothing, firming mask. The end result is younger, smoother and a firmer face that glows with new radiance.

Douceur Marine Facial
$100 (60min)

Comforting Soothing Treatment. This cocoon treatment softens the skin and improves its defense for a soothed and ideally hydrated epidermis, producing a radiant complexion. Truly gentle and comforting, this treatment acts to smooth the complexion with the localized application of a fresh, melting bi-gel and a rich, creamy mask which, after several minutes on the face, is softly massaged in to make the moment even more enjoyable.

Hydra Blue Facial
$120 (75min)

Plumping Moisturizing Treatment. Give your skin a detox moisturizing soak with record efficacy. This treatment perfectly balances effective moisturizing and intense relaxation. It combines signature products with ultra-sensory textures and a very relaxing massage to moisturize and comfort the skin, which instantly reveals its natural freshness.