The Befores & Afters of Permanent Makeup give a great example of how life changing permanent makeup can be. There is the before and then immediately after, however the best results are truly visible after the healing process 3 - 4 weeks after the 2 application. Eyebrows permanent makeup (micropigmentation) can have a long term time and cost savings in makeup application and products. In addition, women who are atheletic like swimmers, bodybuilders, yoga, runners etc can have awesome benefits of having makeup permanently applied. The gallery also demonstrates the difference of Microblading vs. Permanent Makeup since there are greater cost savings since they last up to 8x longer than Microblading applications, in addition the feathering technique is in much greater detail vs. Microblading.

From customer testimonies to product highlights. This is the go to page on our web site to stay in tune with the latest trends and featured work from Kimberly Crook - Certified Micropigmenation Technician. Proud to have multiple awards for Barrie's reader's Choice over the years including Barrie's Favourite Permanent Makeup technician for 3 years in a row. Kim is also reknowned for her work around North America and Europe using the latest techniques and makeup artistry.