Fall is already here—and what better way to gear up for the season than with a change in color palette? The inspiration is all around you: For a fall mood board, look no further than the mountains and apple orchards in full bloom and what better than pumpkins and our Spa favourite Pumpkin Spice latte. 

Embrace them all in your beauty looks—starting with your nails. Polish choices, after all, are relatively easy to switch up without a huge time commitment. Glow Day Spa has all the latest Fall colours in different types of finishes. Dip Nails, Gel Nails, Shellac and Nail Lacquer.

As the weather cools down, fiery shades are all the rage layered with lots of Fall jewellery. "People are looking for cozy warm undertones and happy, uplifting colors to wear in front of the fireplace or for a fancy night out," notes Kimberly Crook, the founder of Glow Day Spa. Find a fall nude with green undertones, like our TARTAN THE INTERRUPTION or feel free to opt for a softer taupe—you can still bring the sexy with a soft nude colour with NATURAL NATURAL.

Nude nails are the ultimate crowd-pleasers this season, says Kim. Imagine: You're lounging at the cottage, or Thanksgiving dinner with your Pumpkin-spice latte inspired fingertips resembling the Fall leaves. Excited for Fall, yes? "Warm oranges, naturals, and army greens create a great go-to palette for Fall."

Examples of our Fall Trending colours for 2022 below for more selection, please ask your esthetician.